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Electrolux Bio Robot concept refrigerator stores your food in green gel

Yuriy Dmitriev has created a concept design for a futuristic refrigerator that functions using biopolymer gel and the process of luminescence. In short, with the Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator, you can stick all of your food items in a special green gel that cools your food with no moving parts and allegedly (the details are slim) no or very little electricity. The slim device uses less space than any current-day refrigerator but can store food items at a high density, all in individual ‘pods’ in the gel, eliminating the pesky problem of food getting stuck in the back of the fridge.

The non-sticky gel essentially absorbs the heat from food items and radiates it again at different wavelengths, a process called luminescence. Because of the pods, food will stay fresh and odorless while in the fridge. The device has no door and does not ever need to be washed. While this product may be a few (or many) years from production, we wouldn’t mind storing all our food in this eco-friendly green goop.

Click here for more photos and an explanation of the details.