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SF Bay Drivers Get New Anti-Traffic Weapon

SF Bay Drivers Get New Anti-Traffic Weapon

TrafficGauge, a company which designs handheld devices for commuters to get real time traffic information, today said they are unveiling their product to San Francisco Bay Area drivers to help ease commute headaches and make better driving decisions such as choosing an alternate route. The handheld is priced at $79.95 and requires a monthly subscription fee to get the real time traffic information.

The wireless TrafficGauge Mobile Traffic Map handheld, which will get real time traffic information in the Bay Area from privately held SpeedInfo and California state agency Caltrans, utilizes a network of real time traffic sensors to receive updates every four minutes during peak drive times. It will cover major freeways in the Bay Area and all three international airports. The product is already being used by commuters in Los Angeles/Orange County and Seattle.

“We know from experience that TrafficGauge users in Los Angeles and Seattle count on us to help them outsmart traffic, and so are very demanding when it comes to the accuracy and completeness of the real-time traffic maps we provide,” said Eric Meyer, CEO of TrafficGauge. “In SpeedInfo, we found a partner with data that is comprehensive, reliable, and not available from any other source — providing a critical addition to Caltrans sensors. As a result, we will deliver real-time traffic, anytime and anywhere, that is not only accurate but covers an unprecedented 900 freeway miles throughout the Bay Area.”

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