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Duolingo looks beyond language with its new flashcard-based learning app

It can be difficult to learn new things, whether it be a new language, math, or how to use a certain new technology. Of course, there are many great resource apps to help in the learning process, including the game-like Duolingo language-learning app.

Duolingo has been around for several years, and it’s one of the most downloaded educational apps out there. It’s one of the few free language learning apps that offers practical and helpful language lessons in a variety of languages. Now, the folks behind Duolingo are looking to tackle other subjects. Actually, they’re looking to tackle all subjects.

How will Duolingo expand to other subjects? Through the humble flashcard. Lets be honest, flashcards aren’t known for being an exciting way to learn things — quite the opposite. Sure, they can be helpful, but they’re not always fun. Duolingo is hoping to change that with the Tinycards app. Unlike the traditional flashcard, Tinycards can be fun learning tools for anyone who wants to learn more about subjects like math, science, geography, history, and more.


The app is built kind of like a game — you’ll unlock new levels as you go, enjoy animations, and fill up a strength bar by answering cards correctly. Not only that, but the app also employs smart algorithms to adapt to the user’s progress.

The app itself includes hundreds of illustrated decks at launch, and you can actually build decks of flashcards yourself if you can’t find a deck pertaining to the topic you’re trying to learn about.

“Duolingo redefined the way millions of people learn languages by making it fun, effective and free,” said Luis von Ahn, Duolingo co-founder, in a statement. “We’re excited to bring that experience to flashcards in order to help school kids suffering through memorization for tests. We also hope this will motivate adults to learn new topics to enhance their lives.”

If you’re interested in checking it out, Tinycards is available to download on iOS.

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