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Verizon Talks to the Palm Treo 700wx

Verizon Talks to the Palm Treo 700wx

Verizon Wireless is now offering the Palm Treo 700wx, a new edition of the company’s EV-DO capable smartphone based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system.

"People love the Treo smartphone because they are driven by the need to stay in touch and manage a variety of communications and information—both business and personal," said Tim Roper, Palm’s U.S. region VP, in a release. "Palm’s one-of-a-kind user experience and broad support of key applications and email solutions make the Treo 700wx a core asset for mobile professionals to stay productive and maximize their downtime while on the road."

The Palm Treo 700wx is still sporting Windows Mobile 5 (Microsoft recently announced Windows Mobile 6) and now ships standard with 64MB of RAM rather than the paltry 32MB of its predecessors—the additional 32MB of memory gives push email, Windows Media Player, those mobile editions of Office applications enough room to breath and manage today’s aggressively-sized documents. Otherwise, the Treo 700wx remains largely unchanged from it’s forerunners, offering a full QWERTY keyboard, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 240 by 240 LCD touchscreen display, and storage expansion via SD cards.

Palm first announced the Windows Mobile-sporting Treo 700 back in September, 2005. Mobile operator Sprint started offering the Treo 700wx back in September, 2006.

Of course, the Treo 700wx can tap into Verizon’s EV-DO wireless broadband capabilities, which the company claims is available to more than 200 million Americans in 242 metropolitan areas and 180 airports. The EV-DO data option offers download bandwidths of 400 to 700 kbps. The Treo 700wx also supports Verizon’s Wireless Sync service, which offers automatic delivery of email, updates to contact and calendar data, and access to enterprise-level device management and synchronization.

The Treo 700wx is available now for $399.99 with a two year service agreement and after a $100 rebate.