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Create your own TV network with Livestream’s Broadcaster Mini

Does your camera have an HDMI port? If so, you can easily turn it into a broadcasting camera with the Broadcaster Mini from Livestream. Whether it’s a prosumer camcorder, DSLR, or action camera, the portable Broadcaster Mini lets you wirelessly send a live Full HD 1080p video from any HDMI-equipped video-capture device to your Livestream account.

Perhaps it’s a concert, sporting event, or office hijinks. Whether you’re a small production company or popular video blogger, whatever you can shoot, you can use the Broadcaster Mini to set up a personal TV network. The compact device connects to a camera via Micro HDMI, and supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks, and on the 5GHz band if the network supports it. Full HD video is streamed at up to 4 Mbps (encoded in H.264/AAC), and supports H.264 AAC audio. You can easily attach it into the camera’s hot shoe, and it’s powered by a rechargeable battery (estimated at around two hours).

To enable a live stream, you can push a button on the Broadcaster Mini, or pair it with the Livestream app on an iOS or Android device for more controls (you can also send it to Livestream’s Studio software and hardware for more advanced users). Viewers can tune into your channel via the Livestream app, Roku, or an online service that supports live streaming, such as YouTube and UStream (Livestream’s service requires a monthly subscription.

Livestream also announced another upcoming product, the Broadcaster Pro. Scheduled for April 2015, it’s an update to the original Broadcaster that will feature a more compact body, Full HD streaming up to 5 Mbps, Fast Ethernet port, full-size HDMI, dual-band Wi-Fi, audio/mic-in, three-plus hour battery, and headphone out.

The Broadcaster Mini is available now for $295. The Broadcaster Pro will list for $495. Livestream offers ad-free live streaming platforms starting a $42 a month.