Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ finally settles class-action lawsuit over consumer privacy

A few years after a class-action lawsuit was filed against Carrier IQ, whose software was found to have logged keystrokes, the company settled. The settlement has not been finalized in court.

New cell phone privacy bill requires companies to disclose tracking software

Following last year's Carrier IQ controversy, Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) has released a first draft of the Mobile Device Privacy Act, which requires mobile companies and app creators to inform users of all monitoring software.

Sprint disables Carrier IQ

Sprint says it has stopped collecting data using Carrier IQ, although it's still trying to figure out how to handle network diagnostics.

Sprint reveals it has Carrier IQ on 26 million phones

Sprint has revealed that more than 26 million of its handsets carry the controversial Carrier IQ software; AT&T, in contrast, has it on about 900,000 handsets.

Carrier IQ defends itself with 19-page explanatory document

Carrier IQ has released a 19-page document defending its diagnostic services, recently shown to collect sensitive data from some phones.

FCC Chairman warns that technology can be perverted for evil

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski spoke at a Holocaust memorial and warned against the perversion of technology in our modern world.

Carrier IQ responds to scandal: We’re not doing anything wrong

Carrier IQ, whose covertly-installed software records and transmits data to wireless carriers, says claims that it is doing anything wrong are false.

Microsoft and Apple confirm no Carrier IQ spy software on iOS 5 or Windows Phone

Microsoft has officially denied any involvement with Carrier IQ and Apple says that most of its iOS 5 devices no longer use the controversial software.

Carrier IQ spying app: Who’s safe, who’s not

A piece of so-called diagnostics software from Carrier IQ has been found to be recording and transmitting a plethora of users' private data. See if you've been infected with this secret app here.

App installed on millions of phones secretly records all activity

A developer says he has discovered a secret piece of software, which comes installed on all Android, BlackBerry and Nokia handsets, that records all activity performed on the device -- and he has the video to back it up.