Dropbox Carousel app organizes media files on mobile devices, backs up to cloud

Carousel is a new iOS and Android app from Dropbox that can be used to organize your collection of Dropbox photos and videos. It automatically backs new photos to the cloud, which are then accessible anytime via Dropbox.

One of the best iOS email clients is now available on Android and Mac OS X

Dropbox's popular Mailbox email client, which has a redesigned inbox and features such as auto-swipe and message snoozing, is now available for free on the Google Play Store and for Mac OS X.

Delayed Dropbox update will let users combine home and business accounts next month

Dropbox will release an update next month allowing users to switch from their personal and professional storage spaces using a single account. Learn more here.

Dropbox buys Zulip, a chat client that’s in private beta

Dropbox now owns Zulip, a private messaging start-up currently in private beta. Learn more here.

Motorola boss confirms he’s off to Dropbox

It was on Wednesday night that we first heard Motorola's Dennis Woodside was off to Dropbox, but it wasn't until Thursday that the news was confirmed. Dropbox's CEO said he was looking forward to Woodside taking the online storage firm "to…

Motorola boss Dennis Woodside exits company for Dropbox role

It was only two weeks ago that Google said it intended to sell Motorola Mobility and now its boss looks set to leave. A report Wednesday said Dennis Woodside is joining Dropbox as its COO to help the company expand its presence in the…

Dropbox says sorry for extended outage, dismisses talk of hack

Dropbox on Sunday apologized for service disruption that caused the site to go down for much of the weekend, and reassured users that the cause was not a hack as first feared, but instead a problem with routine maintenance.

Dropbox update makes it easier to switch from work to play, and back

You'll soon be able to merge your Dropbox for Business and personal Dropbox accounts together, making it easier to access all your stuff while keeping your non-work stuff separate from everything else.

Can Dropbox succeed where iCloud has failed?

Dropbox has introduced a service named Datastore, which syncs data stored in your apps. It can then be synced with other devices, regardless of the OS. Can this idea succeed where services like Apple's iCloud have failed?

Plug transforms an external hard drive into your own personal cloud

Marketed as an easy way to setup private file storage between your computers and mobile devices, Plug provides all the conveniences of Dropbox while increasing the security of your data.

Dear Apple: Can iCloud ‘just work’ already?

Steve Jobs promised iCloud would be the center of Apple users' digital lives. Two years later, are we any closer to a service that "just works" — and that can propel the next generation of great apps?

Timehop now lets you peruse your past photos on Dropbox

Timehop, a virtual time capsule app available for iOS, released an update to its software that now allows users to connect it to their Dropbox accounts. It joins the app's current partners: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and…