How to share Dropbox files through the desktop app

Tired of logging into the Dropbox website every time you want to upload and share a file? Check out our brief guide for a quick look on how to automatically — and discretely — upload and share files using the Dropbox desktop app for…

Dropbox partners with Microsoft for closer integration with its cloud Office apps

Dropbox and Microsoft have announced a partnership that means users of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices will soon be able to connect to their Dropbox accounts from within those apps.

Dropbox deletion project: How to permanently get rid of stuff

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Dropbox hit in password leak, though its own servers remain secure

After hackers claimed on Monday to be in possession of login information for seven million Dropbox accounts, the cloud storage firm said the data had been "stolen from other services," and that it was forcing password resets for affected…

How to make the switch from a Windows Phone to an iPhone

Making the switch from a Windows Phone to an iPhone isn't always the easiest despite what Apple may leave you to believe. Fortunately, our guide lays out the intricacies, from transferring important contacts and photos to precious music and…

How to make the switch from iPhone to Windows Phone

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Dropbox clicks pause on iOS automatic backups, thanks to iOS 8 syncing glitch

Dropbox has been forced to temporarily suspend the automatic backup feature in its iOS app, thanks to a compatibility problem with iOS 8, due to be released later today.

How to send files from Android to Mac OS X

Looking for an easy way to transfer your files from your Android device to your Mac? We’ve got a few options for you in this guide including Android File Transfer, USB, and a variety of cloud services.

Dropbox announces 1TB Pro plan for $10 per month, password protection, and more

Dropbox just announced a new Pro plan that gives you 1TB of storage for $10 per month. It also added password protection and more.

8 companies Apple is screwing over with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

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Dropbox adds Bubbli 3D tech to its growing list of photo app acquisitions

Dropbox adds to its list of acquired photo apps with the purchase of Bubbli, a 3D imaging app that creates unique 360-degree panoramic photos called "bubbles."