New Android-powered TV line is headed to the hospital

new android powered tv line is headed to the hospital hci roommate 3Various versions of Android-powered televisions have tried to carve out a niche for themselves independent of the Google TV scene and had a rough time of it. A new line of HDTVs from HCI suggests that maybe the other products just weren’t tapping the right market.

In an announcement posted on the company’s website, HCI outlined plans to deliver its Android-powered Roommate III televisions to hospital rooms and healthcare facilities. The wall-mounted LCD HDTVs will offer patients and facility staff a host of Android apps, as well as web-browsing functions, a whiteboard application, and a long list of other features.

The Roommate III TVs operate on an unspecified version of Android, and will feature 22- to 42-inch screens.

“We have scored another ‘first in the world,'” said HCI CEO Rick Pratt in the company’s announcement. “Android connectivity will provide hospital patients, visitors and staff with a built-in browser, Education and Movies on demand, Apps of all varieties, not to mention unparalleled reliability. This is truly the most advanced, most complete, Hospital grade television on the planet.”

There’s no indication of which hospitals will be the first to offer the TVs.