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Best Antivirus Software

Antivirus software prevents, scans, detects, and deletes viruses from a computer. Once installed, most antivirus software runs automatically in the background to provide real-time protection against virus attacks. Antivirus software keeps malicious software, known as malware, from harming the data on your computer. Installing antivirus software is important even if you’re on a Mac or Windows computer, because both come only with standard virus protection and not enough protection against larger attacks. For total protection with endpoint protection and response that blocks malware and potentially unwanted programs, it’s best to install antivirus software. We’ve researched the best antivirus software available online for their ease of installation and variety of features. Here are our top choices to help you decide which antivirus software is best for your computer system.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does antivirus software work?

Antivirus software either scans programs and files as they enter your computer and compares them to known viruses, or it scans programs already on your computer, looking for any suspicious behavior. In addition, antivirus software features tools to either remove or quarantine offending malware. Antivirus software gives your computer protection from additional viruses, prevention of phishing attacks, and will also scan removable devices. It will even give you protection against online threats, block spam sites and ads, and protection from identity theft.


What can happen to my computer if I don’t have antivirus software?

The biggest threat your computer faces without antivirus software is lost data. If you or a family member clicks a malicious link, you can infect your entire computer system with a destructive virus that can shut down your computer or in-home network, wipe your hard drives clean, and spread to other devices and users through the Internet. Comprehensive antivirus software helps protect your files and hardware from malware such as worms, Trojan horses, and spyware, and offers additional protection such as customizable firewalls and suspicious website blocking. Even if you have a virus on your computer, as long as the virus has not damaged the Windows system files that the operating system uses while installing applications, you can install antivirus software and quickly get started protecting your files.


Buying Guide:

The best antivirus software for your computer is easy to install and will start scanning your computer immediately for viruses upon installation. Antivirus software is available as a download onto your computer from the internet after you purchase it. You are either sent a link via email with an activation code or mailed an activation code to use on the link or a link is available immediately upon purchase. Make sure you choose the correct download for your PC or Mac and that the antivirus software supports your current operating system, whether it is Windows or iOS.

Antivirus software scans the internet either constantly or intermittently throughout a twenty-four-hour period for potential threats and viruses. It will identify a virus and run a script against the virus, preventing it from infecting your computer. Antivirus software should also keep your online banking and finances safe, encrypt your passwords and personal data, scan the Dark Web for any personal information and prevent it from being hacked, enable you to securely browse online whether you are at home or traveling, gives you parental controls, and even keeps your webcam secure. Whichever antivirus software you choose to install, you’ll feel safer, in control, and have peace of mind about your data when you are using your computer.

McAfee Total Protection 2022 | 3 Device | Antivirus Internet Security Software

Top Pick

Keep Your Data Secure and Worry-Free

Download and install this antivirus software to your PC or Apple computer. It works flawlessly on either operating system, giving you the peace of mind you need that your data, files, and personal information is safe and secure.


  •     Secure online banking and shopping
  •     Identity and privacy protection
  •     Secure browsing with virtual private network (VPN)
  •     Password manager keeps accounts safe


  •     There is a scam registration site that mimics this product
  •     May be difficult to find code for multiple devices

This antivirus software is simple to install. Go to the brand website, enter the activation code, enter your email address, set up your account, and check your email for instructions on how to download the software.

Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Antivirus software for 5 Devices with Auto Renewal

Runner Up

Outstanding, Fast Performance

You can go online securely at airports, coffee shops, and hotels with this antivirus software. Travel with ease knowing your data and personal information is safe from viruses and hackers. Does not slow down your operating system.


  •     Browse securely and anonymously
  •     Runs seamlessly in the background
  •     Works on Macs and PCs
  •     Auto renewal each year


  •     Cannot install without agreeing to auto renewal
  •     Interface and intrusive messages waste time

This antivirus software monitors the Dark Web and gives you alerts if it finds any of your personal information. Includes a 50-gigabyte cloud backup as a precaution against drive failures and stolen devices.

Bitdefender Total Security 2022 – Complete Antivirus and Internet Security Suite

Best Features

Hide Online Activities from Hackers

You’ll have advanced protection from online threats with this antivirus software. It has special modes that scan and keep your activities safe when you are gaming, watching movies, working, and even just listening to music.


  •     Dedicated browser for online banking
  •     Anti-tracking prevents data collectors
  •     Protects you when using your webcam
  •     Offers parental controls


  •     Too many upsells
  •     Activation code may not work

The unique file shredder feature of this antivirus software permanently deletes sensitive files you want to erase without leaving any trace on your hard drive. Comes with a code to activate the software in packaging that is eco-friendly.

Webroot Internet Security Plus | Antivirus Software 2022

Most Secure

Works on Windows and iOS Platforms

Constantly keeping you protected by scanning the internet three times a day, this antivirus software gives you warnings before you click. It will also journal the activities of your programs and restore them if necessary.


  •     Protects from identity theft
  •     Prevents phishing
  •     Manages passwords
  •     Extremely fast


  •     May be difficult to install on newer Mac iOS
  •     Only certain features available with this version

This antivirus software also has security built just for Chromebooks. As a Chromebook is especially vulnerable to attacks, this software keeps it virus free and running smoothly.

Malwarebytes 4.5 Latest Version 2022 Antivirus Software

Most Effective

Finds Threats That Others Miss

This antivirus software flushes out malware that factory software doesn’t catch. You can control what you want to scan and protect with its easy-to-use interface, giving you the ability to stay protected without complicated popups.


  •     Keeps online banking secure
  •     Encrypts your personal data
  •     Schedule scans during off-peak hours
  •     Adjust your layers of protection


  •     Instructions may be confusing
  •     May start a renewal term earlier than anticipated

This antivirus software has advanced malicious software and ransomware protection. It will keep your computer protected even when you are behind in running updates.

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