Acronym iPad Bag lets users read and browse hands free

acronym ipad bag lets users read and browse hands free 01

If you are looking for an inexpensive iPad bag or case, you might as well stop reading now. This bag is on the spendy-to-ridiculous side, but it boasts a design so ingenious that it can’t be ignored. The Acronym iPad Bag ($486) looks simple enough to begin with: a high-quality black Cordura bag with a detachable strap, but this strap isn’t designed to help you just throw the bag over your shoulder in a rush. The bag and strap together function as a variable-position, hands-free way to use your iPad while waiting for the subway, in line at the coffee shop, or anywhere you are unable to sit at a table and set up your fancy case stand. While in place, your iPad sits in the portfolio-style bag at your torso, in perfect reading position, while your hands can be free to answer a phone call, drink your coffee, or do other necessary things that are difficult when clutching your toy with two hands. The bag allows users to shift freely between vertical and horizontal modes, and “tec sys” webbing allows for even more customization opportunities. The bag has a zippered closure, abrasion reinforcements, and a zippered front pocket for extra storage. Unfortunately the bag is currently sold out over at Haven, but we’re hoping they restock soon. Kind of ironic that the model is still using both hands in the photo. Habit?