Already found love on Valentine’s Day? Now find parking with free ‘ParkMe’ app

ParkMe iPhone App ScreenFirst off – happy Valentine’s Day.

If you’re anything like us, Valentine’s Day is the one night a year you’re willingly pry yourself away from all your gadgets, games, and gizmos and actually spend some meaningful time with your significant other. Tonight is an infamously romantic date night. And when you’re heading out the door with your special someone, you’re going to need a parking spot upon arriving at your romantic destination. Of course, just like nabbing a reservation on Valentine’s Day, this can be no small feat.

Thankfully, the good folks at ParkMe have you covered, and with more than 25,000 locations worldwide, ParkMe allows users to find the closest and cheapest parking spot nearby.

ParkMe boasts it has the “world’s most comprehensive parking database by collecting and aggregating data about both on-street and off-street parking.” Recently, ParkMe launched a real-time parking solution system in Los Angeles County, Austin, Texas, and San Francisco. So if you’re in one of those love-laden cities, ParkMe has you covered.

Of course this being Valentine’s Day, ParkMe reps were keen to stress the idea that the app could be utilized by the ladies to find date-adjacent parking spots ahead of time, ensuring 10 more minutes of pre-date primp time and a limited on-foot trekking in those not-yet-broken-in heels.

Conversely, we figure this means we tech junkies can delay our departure that much longer, which will allow for more time with our plasma TVs and iPads.

ParkMe is now available for free in the Apple Apps Store.

Happy parking and happy Valentine’s Day.