Apple’s first iPhone 5C ad is unapologetically colorful

apple first iphone 5c ad phones left side

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It may at first look like an ad for a major paint manufacturer, or possibly a range of new fruit drinks about to hit the market, but instead this is Apple’s first go at promoting its brand new iPhone 5C handset.

Truth be told, there’s not much happening in the 30-second slot – no highlighting of features, no sounding off about its specifications, no Jony Ive confirming it’s still as beautifully and unapologetically plastic as it was last week when the handset was proudly unveiled to a waiting world.

Instead we have footage of what seems to be the iPhone 5C being melted down, as if for recycling, except that the process is shown in reverse, making it appear as if the device is forming magically before our eyes. Sleigh Bells’ popular Rill Rill track from 2010 provides the soundtrack.

As the ad (below) progresses, we see the handset taking shape, complete with rounded corners, buttons, camera lens and, of course, the all-important Apple logo.

Titled Plastic Perfected, the ad ends by showing us the new handset in all its available colors – green, white, blue, pink, and yellow.

The new smartphone has been available for pre-order since Friday, although it was noted by various media outlets on Monday that Apple has refrained from releasing information on how many orders it took for the new device over its first weekend. With the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 models, it was quick to release such data.

Perhaps sales were too low, preventing Apple from creating an upbeat press release replete with superlatives as it usually does on such occasions, or it might simply be that it wants to keep the focus and hype more on its flagship iPhone 5S device, which isn’t yet available for order.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a new iPhone but aren’t sure which model is the right one for you, this piece should help.