Apple’s virtual assistant is less humble and more murderous in Psycho Siri short film

Siri IconPoor Siri. As Apple’s virtual assistant, she (or he, if you’re not in the USA) is only trying to help, letting you know whether you need an umbrella, sorting out your calendar or answering another inane question so you and your mates can have a laugh at her expense.

It’s probably not the most rewarding of lives, and we wonder how many of you bother to say thank you after she sorts something out, but now Siri must even endure accusations that she could turn homicidal at anytime.

Just before Christmas, Siri was portrayed as a knife-wielding, mind-controlling, Honda-driving psychopath in “Siri”, a spoof horror film trailer. For one so humble, this probably stung a bit, but not nearly as much as “Psycho Siri.”

Psycho Siri is a short film about a man who finds an iPhone 4S, thinks it’s his lucky day, brings it home, but quickly regrets it. Siri is capable of some very unusual things here – perhaps she’s running iOS 5.1 – and delights in terrorizing her new owner.

Following in the footsteps of great killer technology films such as The Terminator and, erm, Maximum Overdrive, Psycho Siri is a warning to us all about what could happen if our tech gets too clever. Well, not really, it’s just a silly sub-five minute short with some good effects and some dodgy acting, but Siri’s feelings are hurt all the same.

Check out Psycho Siri below, and if there are any budding filmmakers watching, Siri says she’s hoping that next time, she’ll be more good T-800 than evil T-1000.