Charge and Go keychain will keep all your gadgets running in a pinch

charge and go keychain will keep all your gadgets running in a pinch 500

Amongst a group of friends, there is always at least one person who has a bottle opener or wine corkscrew on their keychain at all times. Why? Because they know that at some point, or probably often, it will come in handy. We can definitely get behind beer and wine-themed keychains, but what’s even better is a keychain that will charge up any of your various gadgets in a pinch. While the Charge and Go keychain ($8) doesn’t have any battery itself, it does have connectors for charging your iPhone (30-pin connector), mini, or micro-USB devices via the regular-sized USB plug on the opposite side. 

So, if you have access to a USB port with some charge (computer, wall outlet with USB), this pint-sized keychain will help you juice up just about any device that needs it. You may not have an immediate use for it while your other chargers and docks are around, but trust us on this one — someday it will come in handy and save your phone’s battery life. Based on that we’d say that it can go right next to our bottle opener. 

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