iCloud Communications sues Apple for trademark infringement

icloud-communications-logoApple had to be expecting this, right? Arizona-based VoIP service provider iCloud Communications, LLC has filed suit for trademark infringement on the iCloud name, The Next Web reports. Apple officially confirmed its cloud-based music storage service at WWDC last week.

iCloud Communications contends that the use of its name in Apple’s product has impacted business negatively. There’s also an implication that the new service mirrors what iCC provides, though that seems like a stretch. Both iCloud and VoIP exist on and stream content over the Internet, but one stores music and the other makes phone calls. Unless there’s some aspect of iCC’s business being overlooked, that’s going to be a tough connection to make in a court of law.

The dispute over the name is something Apple’s going to have to deal with. According to iCC’s website, the company was established in 2009. Long before iCloud was even a whisper. From a layman’s perspective at least, it seems like there’s definitely a case to be made here.