iPod + Satellite Radio = Love?

“iPods and satellite radios are the hottest electronic gadgets on the market today. Consumers can buy their favorite songs using an iPod and they can listen to their favorite genre, be it classic rock or country, on subscription satellite radio.

There’s no evidence that such a dream machine is in the works. Earlier this year, Sirius Satellite Radio CEO Mel Karmazin said he had approached Steve Jobs, the chief of iPod maker Apple Computer, about a possible deal but said Jobs wasn’t interested. “

Analysts think that either Creative, Dell or others may be looking at adding some sort of satellite radio integration into future MP3 players. Both Sirius and XM Radion have portable sallite players currently on the market, so the technology is there. The question is whether they can find a good company to partner up with.

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Found VIA Gizmodo

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