Verbatim Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have been searching for a portable keyboard to help with your daily tasks while you’re on the go, you need not look further than Verbatim’s new Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard. The portable keyboard is designed to work with practically all of your mobile devices including your iPad, , iPad 2, iPhone, Android tablet, and more. The wireless keyboard features an ultra-compact design that folds in the center giving you maximum portability and storage.

For the busy types, Verbatim’s keyboard can be paired with up to six devices at one time, providing an efficient way of managing and using multiple smart devices all at once. The Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard features a built-in media console allowing you to easily control your iTunes with its dedicated pause and play buttons, making controlling your music a breeze. Also incorporated into the design are soft-touch and smart keys to control iOS commands such as cut, paste, undo, copy, power off, and a button that locks your device. There is even a retractable stand for your iPhone built into the keyboard, further increasing your freedom and mobility.

With all that the Verbatim Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard has to offer, it seems a steal at its price of $79.99, it just might make the perfect this holiday season.