Viral video: baby monkey is obsessed with the iPhone – smacks inquisitive puppy


There are times when we write important, meaningful stories, and then there are times when we post a video of a baby monkey trying to understand how to use an iPhone. It turns out, baby Nala is pretty good at it. This video comes from the YouTube channel of Jennifer Thall, who is raising a baby Black Cap Capuchin in Las Vegas, NV. Baby Nala was born on April 25 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There is no mention of a zoo, so we assume that Jennifer may be trying to raise the monkey herself. In any case, she’s quite enamored with the lil’ capuchin. She’s even started a website called, complete with a glittery Flash layout.

She ain’t half bad at the iPhone, we must admit. Probably better than half of the U.S. population, actually.

This first video has taken off on YouTube and shows Nala learning how to play a pinball game of sorts. The capacitive screen of the iPhone–a type of touchscreen that reacts to electricity from your fingers–isn’t kind to the baby monkey’s claw-like hands. It also isn’t a device capable of 10-finger touch, so there’s another problem.

And this second video was just posted and shows Nala furiously protecting her new space-age device from an intruding dog. Jennifer appears to really adore her pets, as the dog has blue fluffy anklets and bow ties on its ears.  At about 1:15 in, Nala actually shoves the dog away, consumed by her new toy. Perhaps electronics are too addictive.

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