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Get ready for Udemy’s biggest sale of the year to further your online learning

Professionals discussing Udemy online learning courses to improve skills.

You’re busy, it’s understandable, which means you don’t have time to sit down and learn new skills, at least not as much as you’d hoped. Udemy is the answer to that with online courses that help you learn anything but on your schedule. Use the Udemy app to learn on the go, or from anywhere remote, or connect via the web on a compatible device and start exactly where you left off. Programming, marketing, data science, web development, and business analytics are just a few examples, and courses cover virtually every subject. With a library of over 213,000 courses serving 62 million students, there’s something for everyone. And right now, Udemy is hosting its biggest sale of the year, allowing you to save up to 85% on various courses. Not just in the United States. There are deals for Australia, Asia-Pacific, and India, too. From May 14th until May 23rd, you can use code LEADERSALE24A to save anywhere from 55% to 85% off select courses. That promo code works in all eligible regions, as well. Take advantage of that deal now, or keep reading to learn more about some of the courses available through Udemy.

Why you should shop Udemy’s biggest sale of the year on online courses

Imagine becoming an expert with productivity tools . Or, what about learning everything there is to know about ? Forget those courses, how would you like to become an ? These are all avenues or skills made available to you through Udemy’s extensive and diverse library of online courses. They’ll help you achieve goals you’ve had for your career or lifestyle, stay competitive in an increasingly challenging job market, and get you real, hands-on practice with the various topics you’re interested in.

It’s everything you need from an online educator, all in one place. You can access Udemy’s library through the website from any device or continue your learning on the mobile app from anywhere. Get hands-on training, access online courses in the topics and regimens you’re most interested in, create tailored learning paths and customizable content by finding your way to new skills, and fast-track goals with deep insights and analytics about your progress. And that’s all just for individuals. Organizations for exclusive plans to provide access to Udemy’s platform for their employees.

But enough business talk; let’s get back to those incredible discounts for everyone. Udemy’s biggest sale of the year runs from May 14 until May 23, offering 55% off up to 85% off select online courses. To get those steep discounts, you can use code LEADERSALE24A on the U.S., Asia-Pacific, India, and Australian Udemy sites.

But here’s the most important point about this huge sale: Courses sold separately, covering beginner, intermediate, and expert content, can be ordered for some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. Usually, we recommend buying courses one at a time based on your next skill upgrade, but this sale makes it easy to scoop up everything you want. At the very least, we highly recommend browsing the sale to see if there’s anything you might be curious about learning. Investing in yourself and your future is one of the best things you can do, especially in today’s landscape. Improving a discipline or current interest or learning a new one altogether to open some new doors is your choice.

How to increase your internet speed in 7 easy steps
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Nothing is more frustrating than having to contend with a slow internet connection. Fortunately, though, there are some things you can do to improve matters. Before you reach for your phone to upgrade your internet plan, give these 7 tips a try:

Reset your router
Manage your Wi-Fi channels
Remove signal-hogging devices from your network
Use an Ethernet connection
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Switch to a faster browser
Add an extension to manage your cache

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And your first step can be something as simple as using a virtual private network (VPN). The good news is that a reliable VPN is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to safeguard your online activities from unwanted network intruders.

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This odd little tech solution is being used to thwart some types of micromanagement and help employees manage time on their own terms, among other solutions. But do mouse jigglers work? Are jigglers allowed in the workplace? Here’s everything you should know.
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