2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R

The speed and motorcycle enthusiast over at Kawasaki have released a number of images of the 2012 ZX-14R  — Kawasaki’s self proclaimed world’s fastest-accelerating production motorcycle.

The new ZX-14R comes with a slew of changes for next years model — including a redesigned engine and slightly restyled body. The engine block is even being reportedly tweaked to 1,441 cc and the cyclinder head ported and polished to increase flow. Kawasaki’s 2012 model will also make use of a higher compression ratio and new cam timing.

Outside the engine, the Kawasaki will incorporate two features never before seen on the ZX-14R, traction control and throttle-by-wire system.  Riders will also be able to access three different KTRC traction control system settings from the handlebar and viewable from the gauge cluster.