2014 Chevrolet Corvette renderings leaked

Last week, a few low-resolution images of the front end of the 2014 Corvette were leaked. We didn’t jump on the re-posting bandwagon because, frankly, we didn’t think a black and white line drawing of a Corvette front end with its wheel off was all too exciting. This week, however, a bit more has been leaked and we’re quite excited.

As you can see, the side profile looks distinctly like a Corvette, but the backend is a different story. Thankfully, the designers at Chevy have updated the rear-end for the first time in, well, nearly four decades. In fact, we’re seeing lines in the back of the 2014 Corvette very reminiscent to the Chevrolet Code 130R Concept car that went on display at this year’s Detroit Auto Show in January.

The photos, which are from a service manual, first appeared on Corvette Forum, and while they’re convincing, we can’t confirm their legitimacy. Based upon the detail, however, we’re quite certain they’re dead-on. Just in case, we contacted a GM representative for verification. They were unwilling to comment at this time.

What’s most exciting for tech enthusiasts like us is the image of the center information screen. The screen image suggests that the new Corvette will offer the driver vehicle information like never before. With track times, G forces, steering angle, traction control read outs, miles per hour, and more, the Corvette seems to be stepping away from its low-tech past.

A Chevrolet produced teaser video also shows that the new Corvette will include a customizable digital instrument cluster.

The official release of the 2014 Corvette is set for next month on January 13th at the Detroit Auto Show. As soon as more is known, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.