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Volkswagen’s 276-horsepower 2015 Scirocco R makes us wish we lived in Deutschland

For the 2015 model year, the Scirocco and Scirocco R manage to keep their iconic heritage, yet tastefully modify a few cosmetic details and minor interior updates. Not only are the visual cues thoroughly impressive but Volkswagen’s engineers have boosted the pair’s mechanical prowess as well.

The front fascia of the Scirocco is modified with aerodynamic blades embedded in the sides of the new and lower slung bumper. This hot hatch has always been made to look well contoured and provide a wide, low stance, which screams for it to be driven. The new bi-xenon headlights accentuate the bumper and provide a much brighter vision for the anticipated midnight drives on winding roads.

This hatchback is as useful as it is fast. The newly redesigned lift gate compliments the updated LED taillights and makes use of the VW logo as a handle. Volkswagen has managed to strictly enforce the Scirocco’s horizontal design features for good reason, as all that new power needs a place to go.

The Scirocco R goes from 260 horsepower to – get this – 276 ponies! That’s a net gain of six horsepower, ladies and gentlemen. Not only is the Scirocco R faster but it is also 19 percent more efficient. This includes the rest of the Scirocco lineup to boot. The new 2.0-liter TSI base model jumps from the previous 158-hp 1.4-liter to 177 hp. Not too shabby. Plus the TDI models offer a slight increase in power and efficiency as well.

Not only has Volkswagen managed to bring new life to one of its most iconic models in a brilliant and way, but it has also stayed exceptionally true to its heritage.

Oh and no worries for those wanting to purchase the R version, as it manages to keep all those special styling cues which include chrome tailpipes, black air inlets, and R badges galore. The R package will also include 19-inch wheels and a larger rear spoiler. Our brother site, The Manual, drove the current Scirocco R last year and absolutely loved it.

If only this masterpiece of fine German engineering were available in the United States. Americans will just have to put up with previous versions and do with what we have. If it can’t come to us, a trip to Deutschland might be necessary in the near future.

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