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2016 Camaro to feature Drive Mode Selector, active damping, and electric exhaust valves

Chevrolet Camaro
We’re just a few weeks away from the highly-anticipated reveal of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, and General Motors has again graced us with juicy details about the mostly-new muscle car.

While we already know much about the vehicle’s powertrain and lightweight platform, the next-gen model will boast a few new toys for the 2016 model year, namely a Drive Mode Selector, Magnetic Ride Control (SS only), and electronic bypass valves in the exhaust.

Concerning the Drive Mode Selector, ‘Snow/Ice,’ ‘Tour,’ and ‘Sport’ settings will be available across the car’s range, but the SS model will gain a ‘Track’ function as well. Accessed through the car’s infotainment system, the modes calibrate throttle progression, steering, stability control and more for optimized performance over a variety of surfaces.

“We wanted to build on the flexibility of the current Camaro ZL1, which is great for grand touring, commuting, the drag strip and track days,” said Aaron Link, lead development engineer for the Camaro. “The new Camaro will be even more adaptable, with up to eight vehicle attributes adjusted to fit a driver’s preference.”

Also new for 2016 is the addition of Magnetic Ride Control on SS variants, a feature that was previously available on ZL1 models only. Similar to Drive Mode Selector, the active damping system offers ‘Tour,’ ‘Sport,’ and ‘Track’ functions that adjust ride stiffness as well as handling balance. Chevrolet says the vehicle’s computer monitors road conditions and driver inputs 1,000 times per second, continuously tailoring suspension settings for the environment.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro

Last, but certainly not least, is the addition of a dual-mode, electronically-controlled exhaust valve system. With the push of a button, one that enthusiasts have field days coming up with pet names for, the mufflers are circumvented in the pursuit of burbly, crackly soundtrack.

On this car, drivers can choose between an unrestricted ‘Track’ mode or a more conservative, neighborhood-friendly ‘Stealth’ mode.

The 2016 Camaro will be revealed in full on Saturday, May 16th.

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