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A quad-core Intel processor and 60GB SSD run this new Jag’s infotainment system

With features like a brainwave-monitoring steering wheel under its roof, the Jaguar Land Rover company (JLR) is without doubt a tech-forward company. It makes sense then that its flagship sedan, the XJ, would boast the latest and greatest in terms of infotainment options.

The facelifted 2016 model was just unveiled by the British brand, and in terms of technology, it does not disappoint. Let’s take a closer look at the gadgets and gizmos the range-topping four-door has to offer.

There are many futuristic standouts on the XJ, but the brightest of the bunch is the new InControl Touch Pro infotainment unit. Conceived in-house, InControl Pro uses a quad-core Intel processor and a 60GB solid-state drive to offer improved response times, and the 8-inch touchscreen can be customized just like a smartphone. If you so desire, you can switch between different wallpapers, widgets, and shortcuts, and extra pages can be added if necessary.

A solid-state drive is well-suited for navigation, as the quick refresh rate is helpful in curbing lag. It also features something called dead reckoning, which can calculate the vehicle’s position based on its relation to nearby landmarks, even when there is no GPS signal.

Jaguar XJ

The vehicle’s nav enables door-to-door guidance as well, which includes public transportation options, alternate routes based on habit, and real-time traffic info. When you reach your destination, InControl Touch Pro will even direct you to the nearest available parking space.

Outside of the InControl Pro system itself, the sedan’s bespoke smartphone apps are the biggest techy highlights. With InControl Remote, drivers can monitor fuel level, door locks, and window status wirelessly, while Remote Premium allows them to pre-set cabin temperature, operate the locks, and locate the car from their phone.

The 2016 XJ boasts dual 10.2-inch screens for rear passengers, Wi-Fi for up to eight devices, semi-autonomous parking, and an available 17-speaker, 1,300W Meridian audio system.

The four-door hits showrooms this fall, with a starting price of £58,690 ($93,177) in the U.K. Pricing for American markets will be released closer to the on-sale date.

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