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Great Scott! Production of the iconic DeLorean will kick off again in 2017

DeLorean DMC-12
Ronan Glon/Digital Trends
Currently, enthusiasts who want to put a DeLorean DMC-12 in their garage need to either track down one of the roughly 8,000 examples built in Northern Ireland during the early 1980s, or apply the lessons learned from Back to the Future and travel through time. Next year, collectors will be able to conveniently buy a brand new one from a company based in Humble, Texas.

In 1997, the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) bought the parts and the tooling required to build the DMC-12 from the defunct DeLorean Motor Company that originally designed the car, and it has been selling like-new examples rebuilt from the ground up ever since. The company’s business model took an unexpected turn last month when the federal government passed a law that allows small automakers who build replicas of classic cars to sell complete, turn-key models instead of offering kits that buyers need to assemble themselves. For DMC, it’s the perfect opportunity to capitalize on its massive stock of spare parts.

The original DMC-12 shipped with an anemic 2.8-liter PRV V6 engine that made about 130 horsepower. DMC is running out of engines to rebuild, so it’s talking to two suppliers — including General Motors — about installing a modern V6 behind the coupe’s passenger compartment. Technical details haven’t been finalized yet, but the new DMC-12 is expected to offer anywhere between 350 and 400 horsepower. The cars will also ship with upgraded brakes to cope with the generous bump in power, and they’ll ride on bigger alloy wheels.

DMC also plans on updating the interior with modern technology. However, the boxy, Giugiaro-penned design of the original DMC-12 (pictured) will remain unchanged, meaning the new model will retain the four old-school square headlights, the stainless steel body, and the funky gullwing doors.

Automobile Magazine reports that DMC will start production in early 2017 if the low-volume replica manufacturing law comes into effect in a timely manner. Production will be limited to 325 examples annually, the limit set by the aforementioned law, and pricing will start at under $100,000 — great Scott! — before options are factored in. If that’s too much, the company will continue selling restored examples for approximately $50,000.

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