They see me rollin’ … Video captures the sights and sounds of the new Ford GT on the move

Ford’s reveal of its new GT supercar at the Detroit Auto Show this week was nothing short of amazing. The presentation of the stunning two-seater was tantalizing, leaving us with questions as to how well it will perform in the real world. Luckily, an attendee of the show was diligent enough to loiter around the Ford supercar long enough to capture it on the move, if only for a few yards.

In the video, a lucky Ford driver fires up the 3.5-liter Ecoboost engine housed behind the seats to move the vehicle from the presentation hall to the Ford booth on the auto show’s main floor. We don’t get a sense of the 600-horsepower output, but what we do get is a methodic rumble of the exhaust note that, call us crazy, has a bit of a Mustang tone to it mixed with turbo whistle.


The video dramatically peaks when the coupe’s carbon fiber front lip has to clear the bottom of the display ramp, causing us to instinctively hold our breath for just a second. Seeing a driver inside, as well as seeing people walk around it, gives us a better idea of just how low the 2017 GT sits, as well as a good sense of its overall size.

It’s hardly an eventful video, but it’s a testament to how excited everyone is about the GT when footage of it moving at idle speeds from one room to another glues us to the screen. Still, this small taste has left us craving more details, making its late-2017 production time seem more further away than ever.