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Mansory makes a carbon-fiber-laden 740-horsepower Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is already the pinnacle of luxury coupes. For those looking for an even greater level of unique luxury, though, there is Mansory. The boutique tuner is bringing its own version of the Wraith to the Geneva Motor Show next week.

So how exactly do you improve upon the pinnacle of luxury? I’ll tell you.

Mansory’s work begins with the “Petrol Blue” and chrome paint that instantly sets the coupe apart from anything you’d see on the road. The Mansory Wraith also comes with a special aerodynamic package that includes a front apron with LED and daytime running lights, along with new front wings and side skirts. The rear apron is also updated, as well as rear and roof spoilers.

The new aerodynamic improvements are made from carbon fiber, because – let’s face it – a supercar can never have too much carbon fiber.

The improvements continue under the hood with tuning of Rolls-Royce’s near-perfect 632 horsepower V12. Mansory has managed to crank up the V12’s power to 740 hp and 737 lb-ft. Even Ferrari and Lamborghini drivers are sure to break into a cold sweat with those numbers at their toe tips.

The Mansory Wraith sits on a commanding set of 22-inch wheels paired with Vredestein ultra high performance tires.

The upholstery department at Mansory has managed to do the impossible and improve upon Rolls-Royce opulent interior by complementing the exterior paint with a beige and Petrol Blue color combo. Additional improvements include a dash of carbon fiber, a multi-coat piano lacquer, and some individual accents.

Unfortunately, this tuned Wraith is not up for sale but is just an exercise in Mansory’s dominance over the bespoke tuning world. And I would say: dominance proven.

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