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A custom Porsche 993 Turbo goes up in flames at the New York Auto Show

Porsche 993 Turbo Fire
Anthony Purcell of Halcyon Photo
By all accounts, this year’s New York Auto Show was a total success. Some big reveals, neat surprises, and an all-around smooth show greeted the Digital Trends team and other press attendees last week.

Unfortunately, the public days haven’t gone as well, at least for the 2016 DUB Show Tour. Just ahead of the modified program’s debut dates, a Porsche 911 (993 generation) Turbo caught fire, and the whole thing was captured on camera, as reported by EGM CarTech.

The whole experience is a bit mysterious, as the car appears to spontaneously erupt in flames, sending smoke throughout the custom cars section of the Jacob Javits Convention Center. As soon as the flames were spotted, workers start yelling “fire,” and a hero emerges with a fire extinguisher.

Anthony Purcell, to whom we owe the above image, was photographing other vehicles in the room when the fire broke out. “No idea what happened, heard the car being moved and out of nowhere a super loud bang and Lord Jesus it’s a fire,” Purcell stated.

According to WNBC, the New York Fire Department hasn’t received any incident reports about the fire. It was unclear if the car was on when the fire started, and if the engine wasn’t running, then the spontaneous flames are even more of an enigma.

So far, no injuries or fatalities have been reported, unless you’re counting the loss of a rare and treasured sports car icon, as we are. Check out the video of the calamity below.

and here’s how the sports car looked after the fire was extinguished:

I guess you can say it was lit!

A photo posted by Vlad Shurigin (@zuumy) on

From the angle of the picture, the damage doesn’t look all that bad, but that crispy smell will be tough to get out the upholstery, we imagine.

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