Still drooling over the 2016 Acura NSX? Check out this imagined targa version

Acura NSX targa rendering

Many thought we’d never actually see the second-generation Acura NSX in the metal, but here we are.

At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, the car made its long-awaited, undeniably spectacular debut, and the hybrid coupe may have actually been worth the 10-year wait.

Honda Motor Company’s only supercar is drop-dead gorgeous, with sharp, futuristic styling and the cutting-edge drivetrain to back it up.

A mid-mounted V6 is the main source of thrust, with two turbos sending power to the rear wheels via a nine-speed dual clutch. A single electric motor is also assigned out back, and there are two more on the front axle. Acura hasn’t released specific output numbers yet, but the company claims the NSX produces around 550 horsepower.

Special as the car may be, the online community has wasted no time tweaking it. Digital designer X-Tomi has rendered the NSX with a targa-style top, and it looks as amazing as you probably thought it would.

The two-door looks clean and expressive from the side, and the open top accentuates the NSX’s smooth body contours.

Unfortunately, Acura has no public plans for an open-top version at this point, but there’s definitely the market for one. Most first-generation NSXs were actually NSX-Ts, which came with a removable targa top, and modern technology means there’d be little degradation in stiffness.

A wave of high-profile car reveals has washed over the automotive community this week, and it originated in Detroit. At the auto show, the stunning Ford GT announced its triumphant return, and Cadillac’s 640-hp CTS-V put European supercars on notice.

With today’s first-rate competition, it looks like the NSX picked just the right time to come back.

(NSX rendering via X-Tomi)