Audi A2 concept pictures

Audi seems to be taking the Frankfurt Auto Show by storm this year with a fleet of concept cars and new production models making their debut at the annual German event. Part of that impressive line up is the new Audi A2 concept. Audi has only released bits and pieces of information regarding its features, but It sounds like the A2 was designed with functionality and flair in mind.

Under the hood, the Audi A2 runs on a 116-hp electric motor that is fed by a 31-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. Audi claims the A2’s battery can be fully recharged in four hours and states that the driving range of the A2 is 124 miles with a top speed of 93 mph.

As if the current fleet of Audi’s were not easy enough to spot with their sexy LED head and tail light accents, Audi is taking the lighting on the A2 to another level. Reportedly the “next step” in LED technology, matrix-beam advanced lighting will be featured heavily on the front, rear and side of the car. Add to that the ability to unlock the doors using hand gestures, integrated Bluetooth, wireless internet, and Google Earth navigation and you have one sweet ride.