In Audi’s latest TV spot, ‘Mechanics’ are zombies

In Audi’s latest commercial, mechanics are zombies. No, not the type that crave flesh and brain matter; these undead lust for something much more valuable: Audi service invoices.

The TV spot, titled ‘Mechanics,’ shows an A5 Coupe strolling through what looks to be a Midwestern town/dystopian landscape when its service light comes on. Somehow, this alerts a horde of independent repairmen, who begin chasing the A5 with bloody dollar signs in their eyes.

Our unnamed hero swerves and accelerates away from the swathe of walkers as they pile up behind him with angry and primal furor. At one point, like something out of Brad Pitt’s World War Z, the zombies topple over each other like a wave as they attempt to negotiate a corner (Audi calls that ‘understeer’). Ever resilient, though, the biters spring back up and resume the chase.

Audi 'Mechanics' TV spot

Our man once again escapes death as he reaches the door of a huge, futuristic Audi service center. The message, of course, is that dealership servicing is the way to go, because non-certified mechanics will take a chunk out of your neck… or something.

The most frightening part of ad is not the speed, agility, or aggression of the horde, but the fact that the zombies have seemingly learned to operate motor vehicles. Perhaps they are not undead, then, only a group of down on their luck greasemonkeys who really want to fix that A5.

Man, the post-apocalyptic job market isn’t going to be pretty.

The 65-second film was directed by Sebastian Strasser.