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Audiovox announces active rear-view camera, lane departure and forward collision system

Audiovox Corporation announced its “Best Of” CEA Innovation Award winner Wednesday at a CES press conference. The new product by Advent is an “active” rear-view camera system designed to combine the best technologies in car safety alerts. The device can differentiate between static and moving objects and can even detect the human form.

The active camera system provides a visual image to the driver as well as audio alerts to ensure that users know what’s behind them. The visual image offers a standard view, a bird’s eye view, and a corner view to see wide angles. The system will be available to consumers in the Spring of 2011.

In accordance with the focus on safety, Audiovox also announced a lane departure and forward collision system that alerts users when they drift into the other lane or are at risk for rear-ending the car in front of them. The system uses algorithms to identify traffic lanes and determine if the driver unintentionally drifts into oncoming traffic. It also tracks cars in front and to the side front of the driver and sends an audible alert if the car enters the warning zone.

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