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Bengala dunked a Ferrari F12 in carbon fiber to create this 730hp showstopper

Modifying an exotic car is different than modifying your average daily driver. There’s so much craftsmanship and engineering instilled within each body panel that it almost seems sacrilegious to alter it. You’re changing a work of art, after all. In other words, if you’re going to take a sharpie to the Mona Lisa, you better mean it.

Spanish design house Bengala Automotive means it. The firm has just debuted its F12 Caballeria supercar online, which starts out in life as a Ferrari F12berlinetta. Inspired by Ferrari’s racecars, the Caballeria forgoes the epic GT3 rear wing but features plenty of extreme aerodynamic enhancements all over its body, which is fashioned completely from carbon fiber. The overall design is far more violent and aggressive than the original Ferrari, and the added vents on the hood and rear fenders are nice touches. One thing’s for sure — the F12 Caballeria is a car to get noticed in.

“Uniqueness is in most cases a state of mind, while most people fail to understand the meaning of it very few people get a taste of the irreplaceable reality the word brings to those who earn it,” Bengala said on the car’s release. “We mastered and created a unique piece of design and engineering and ten exclusive individuals earned it, the Bengala F12 Caballeria.”

Bengala F12 Caballeria

Bengala didn’t mention whether or not there had been alterations to the Berlinetta’s 6.3-liter V12 (we’re guessing not), but either way, 730 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque will just have to do. 0 to 60 mph and top speed figures should be unchanged from the Ferrari at 3.1 seconds and 211 mph, respectively.

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As the brand hints, just 10 examples of the Caballeria will be produced for a to-be-announced price, and we have yet to hear confirmation that those buyers have been chosen. Production is expected to begin in summer 2017.

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