Bentley Mulsanne 95 features wood trim from a 400-year-old walnut tree

Bentley celebrates its 95th anniversary this year and, like many carmakers, it’s decided to celebrate with a special edition.

The Mulsanne 95 is a special-edition version of Bentley’s already-exclusive Mulsanne sedan. Its. distinguished by an appropriately-British color palette of Britannia Blue, Empire Red, and Oxford White, plus a dark-tinted version of Bentley’s trademark “Flying B” hood ornament, and model-specific 21-inch five-spoke wheels.

Unchanged is the “6 and 3/4 Litre” 6.7-liter twin-turbocharged V8, which produces 505 horsepower and 752 pound-feet of torque. It’s mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

In case passengers are too distracted by the already-luxurious interior to realize they’re in a Mulsanne 95, Bentley has written “Ninety Five” on the tread plates, embroidered a “95” emblem on the front and rear seats, as well as on the passenger fascia panel.

The Mulsanne 95 also features wood veneer taken from a giant walnut tree that stood near Fulbeck Hall in Lincolnshire, England until it was felled by a storm in 2007.

The tree – which was 300 to 400 years old, according to Bentley – yields wood trim with a unique ripple effect, and a continuous ring is visible through the cabin. This is the perfect car for people who always wondered what it would be like to live inside a tree.

Those people may not get the chance to find out, though. Only 15 Bentley Mulsanne 95 special-edition models will be built, and they are reserved for the British market.