Bentley stays busy, announces return of Brooklands coupe and Azure convertible

Bentley is busier than ever this year, and the luxury automaker has just announced two new models.

According to Auto Express, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer is considering a resurgence of the Brooklands coupe and Azure convertible.

“I’m truly convinced that we have a lot of opportunities with our existing model lines,” he said. “In Crewe you used to see a very nice convertible called Azure. I hear from our customers that there is remarkable demand for a car like this, and if we do the Azure, the Brooklands just comes automatically.”

The Azure convertible was produced in 1995 as a follow up to the Brooklands luxury saloon, which originally ran from 1992 to 1998. The Azure shared a platform with the Brooklands, and although it was discontinued in 2003, it made a small comeback from 2006 to 2010.

An Azure T version was introduced at the tail end of its second run. The performance variant of the Azure made 500 horsepower from its 6 ¾-liter V8, 50 over standard.

After being shut down in 1998, the Brooklands made a comeback in 2010. It featured a 530-hp twin-turbo V8, a ceramic composite braking system, and a base price of $340,990. Will this be the entry-level coupe Durheimer teased earlier this month? Probably not, but I think Bentley’s version of ‘entry-level’ is a little but different than ours anyway.

Durheimer also expressed interest in expanding the Continental brand, but he didn’t specify what his plans were. A hotter, more hardcore version of the GT3-R is already on deck, so a hybrid variant may be in the cards as well. Durheimer was quoted saying he wants “a plug-in hybrid in 90% of the range before the end of the decade,” so an eco-friendly Continental may not be far off.

As if Bentley’s schedule book wasn’t already bursting at its leather-bound seams, the luxury manufacturer is also planning a brand-new SUV for 2017.