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A slosh of hot water transforms this BMW X6 into the Hulk before your eyes

Think chameleon paint is cool? You haven’t seen anything yet.

German graffiti artist Rene Turrek is an expressive maestro with a penchant for abstracts, and he recently got his hands on a BMW X6 for his bespoke “XCLUSIVCAR” project. Using multiple layers of heat-sensitive “thermochromic” paint, Turrek created a moving art piece that changes color based on temperature. Better yet, it features everyone’s favorite disgruntled Avenger.

Under normal conditions, the big SUV looks relatively tame, save for a stylized signature and some faint design impressions under the vibrant blue paint. Pour hot water over the hood though and a monster is revealed — specifically The Incredible Hulk from the Marvel universe.

BMW X6 - HULK - Rene Turrek

Bruce Banner’s alter ego is displayed on the side of the vehicle as well, as a drastic change in temperature exposes the word “HULK” and a big green eye that’s looking for a fight. In the video above, which was posted by BMW Blog Slovenia, you can watch Turrek pour steaming water over the car in a showcase of its transformative skills.

It really is an impressive sight to behold, as the outermost layer of paint seems to dissolve away with each scalding drop. The BMW’s blue hue even resembles The Hulk’s famously indestructible shorts, which is a nice touch for comic book fans.

Given the fact that few people carry boiling water around with them at all times, the project is a bit silly from a practical sense. But most art is. Furthermore, unless the thermochromic material is incredibly thick, the body heat from your hand should be enough to expose some of the green designs underneath.

But please, for the sake of the people around you, don’t make it angry.

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