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Bruder’s Mad Max-style camper is anything but mediocre

Hey, look — Mad Max went and got himself a “recreational vehicle!”

Seriously, if our favorite Australian apocalypse survivor wanted to get away for a quiet weekend in the Outback, the Bruder EXP-6 Expedition would be his camper of choice. It’s an astounding piece of engineering, designed as much for comfort and ease of use as it is for hardcore durability.

Its developers call it a “bespoke off-road expedition trailer,” but a better description for this RV from hell might be “overbuilt.” At 22 feet long, the EXP-6 provides a massive number of amenities while still keeping the package relatively lightweight at just 3,700 pounds.

The word Bruder means “brother” in German, and sibling developers Toby and Dan Bosschieter built the EXP-6 from the ground up to combine style with substance. Much like the Millennium Falcon, she’s got it where it counts, kid. For Bruder, that meant designing a trailer based on a laser-sighted 4mm galvanized chassis that can carry 11 times its own weight.

The pictures alone tell the tale of its ability to withstand harsh conditions. The chassis is sealed to be air-tight, which prevents water, mud, sand, and other grimy desert conditions from staining the interior or rusting any components. The Bosschieter brothers had firsthand experience with the terrain they needed to tackle, having spent their childhoods exploring remote regions of the Outback with their father. As they kept finessing their design, they evolved from the concept of using the trailer as a basecamp to designing it to tackle even the harshest terrain.

One of the key assets of the EXP-6 is its multi-link air suspension, which makes the ride as smooth as any RV in North America. The invention starts with rubber absorption mounts to soften the blows from potholes and rocks, and then relies on an internal compressor to control the system’s airbags. The intuitive system can be controlled by electronic, manual, or smartphone controls to change the ride height for clearance, compensate for diverse loads, or ease turbulence on rough terrain.

What about the inside? While the outside world might be a sandstorm or a running river, the inside of the EXP-6 is the lap of luxury. The back hatch opens completely, allowing for an evening cocktail while watching the sun set over the desert.

Bruder EXP-6

The vehicle also features a kitchen with a German Webasto diesel ceramic cooktop and an Engel refrigerator, a full bath with both indoor and outdoor showers, and a premium spring queen size bed flanked by two large windows. There’s also space to mount a television, which can be integrated into the vehicle’s on-board Bose sound system for maximum entertainment value. The water storage system holds 200 liters of water, while a 250-watt solar system helps augment climate control air-conditioning and a heater system to help occupants stay comfortable even in the most extreme conditions.

While the camper is ideal for romantic weekends or fishing trips, it can also accommodate families with sleeping space for up to six people. Beyond the main bed, the lounge area converts into a bunk bed for two, while an additional two beds can be mounted into the ceiling area. The company also offers the option of a zip-on rear room to attach to the rear of the EXP-6, kind of like Mark Watney’s “bedroom” in Andy Weir’s novel The Martian.

Unlike complicated tents, the EXP-6 is also a snap to set up. Just press a single button and the EXP-6 raises the roof to your preprogrammed height, automatically opens the rear hatch, and sets the suspension to a safe and stable height.

The units are expected to start rolling out of the brothers’ Brisbane factory in early June, and Bruder already has deep order rolls stretching out more than five months. Each expedition camper is custom-built so prices vary but estimates start at AU $105,000 and rise based on premium options such as lithium batteries.

Don’t forget you’ll have to factor in a tow vehicle as well — Bruder uses Audi SUVs but says the camper will also cruise comfortably behind more traditional 4-wheel-drives from brands like Landcruiser.

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