To celebrate Facebook milestone, Audi puts its Sport quattro concept to the pavement

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Audi’s Sport quattro concept car page on Facebook just exceeded 100,000 likes. Accordingly, the German automaker has created a celebratory video in which it takes the luminous yellow concept out on the road for a sporting motoring session.

Powered by Audi’s 4.0-liter TFSI V8 and a 147 horsepower electric motor, the Sport quattro plug-in hybrd concept churns out 700 horsepower and 590.05 pound-feet of torque.

While we prefer the previous design iterations of the Sport quattro concept, we appreciate the current version a bit more when we consider that it represents a strong glimpse into the next-gen A5 – and more excitingly – the RS 5.

Listen to the Sport quattro rip through some corners and you’d never guess that it’s all eco, as it sounds as angry a swarm of German bees who’ve misplaced their marmalade – or something.

The only thing a bit off with the video soundtrack is the music.

If you think that music is a bit annoying: don’t. That’s actually the required motoring music in Deutschland. The German government issues each driver that very compact disc upon passing the strenuous driving exams. It has something to do with aligning heart valve and camshaft timing – or so I’ve been told.

I’ve never been sold on this current Sport quattro concept – aside from its modern drivetrain. But watching it whiz through corners in its bright yellow livery is rather quite exciting.

Although the Sport quattro debuted in Geneva, we’ll be seeing it in the flesh next month at the LA Auto Show. So be sure to check back for more live photos and video from the show floor.