Chevrolet ad director says digital world will be key in brand’s future marketing strategies

Chevrolet Advertising and Promotional Director Molly Peck As the marketing starts rolling out for new Chevrolet vehicles ranging from the 2014 Spark EV to the all-new Corvette Stingray, don’t be surprised to start seeing more custom Chevy content delivered on everything from iPhones to laptops.

Molly Peck, Chevrolet’s director of advertising and sales promotion, says digital platforms will become an even bigger part of the company’s marketing strategy to reach consumers.  

The GM marketing exec wouldn’t provide any specific details on the carmaker’s future plans for digital marketing initiatives.  

However, Chevy is clearly looking to ramp up its online promotional efforts as evident in the recent announcement that the company will return to advertising on Facebook with mobile-only ads to promote the new Chevrolet Sonic, after nixing the strategy last May.

From the growth of social networking platforms to an increase in viewers of webisodes, Peck says the digital world has become too big for any company to ignore.  

“There is so much technology you can’t escape it,” says Peck, who was appointed to her position last October.  “Most importantly, it’s changed the way we need to reach consumers because they have so many more different ways of consuming media than they’ve had before.”

A video posted on YouTube by Chevy for the new Corvette Stingray published by Chevrolet a few weeks after the car’s official unveiling in Detroit has already pulled in close to three million views, even though it’s only 28 seconds long.

2014-sparkev-model-overview-technology-cnt-well-1-648x316-03The promotional strategy for the new Chevy Spark EV, which goes on sale late this summer, will likely include even more digital initiatives considering the vehicle’s target audience of young technology driven potential car buyers.  

Peck says the different type of digital devices that people now use requires a different type of interaction to reach consumers.

“With mobile devices people are more likely to be using them while shopping,” says Peck, who also worked on the marketing launch for the Volt. “They are on the go, maybe see something on the street or at a dealership shopping and will go online on their mobile device to look for information on a car or vehicle configuration.  On the other hand, when you’re on your tablet or your laptop at that point you might be consumer information more as entertainment and things that are more engaging.”   

Peck also noted technology that can use a person’s zip code to assess what type of vehicle that person might be interested in for customized TV ads as another important part of Chevy’s digital marketing strategy.