Chevrolet Cruzes to 40 mpg with Cobalt Replacement

Not lucky enough to live in Southern California and hop on the Chevy Volt when it debuts next year? Chevrolet will offer customers a more practical and immediate solution for their gas woes in the form of the Cruze, the compact replacement for the existing Cobalt.


Although Chevy will offer several engine options, the 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder will deliver the best fuel economy – 40 mpg highway – along with a respectable 138 horsepower. Designers claim the Cruze is as “slippery” in wind tunnels as the EV1, the most aerodynamic car GM has ever engineered.

The Cruze will also offer 10 airbags, a dual-cockpit design inspired by the Corvette, and the same front fascia design that Chevy debuted with the Malibu.

Pricing and precise roll-out dates have not yet been announced.