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The American Way: Confederate Motors unveils the G2 P51 Combat Fighter

With products like the Wraith, the Hellcat Speedster, and the P51 Combat Fighter, Alabama-based motorcycle manufacturer Confederate Motors clearly does not mess around. The company’s vehicles are inspired by a raw, rebel spirit it calls the American Way, resulting in creations that are equal parts brutish and dashing, rolling art pieces with historical flair.

Those philosophies are ever-present in the brand’s second-generation P51 Combat Fighter, which has just been revealed. Beautiful, isn’t it? The vehicle’s meaty proportions offset its sharp musculature perfectly, and the bike looks particularly menacing, especially in its black trim.

It’s not all about aesthetics though, because the Combat Fighter is built on Confederate’s new CX4 architecture — a lighter, stronger version of its drag racing system. Made entirely of 6061 aerospace billet aluminum, the Combat Fighter weighs just 500 pounds, yet its 132-cubic inch (2.16-liter) V-twin engine sends over 200 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque to its fat rear wheel, which is crafted from a solid disk of carbon fiber. Despite its WWII-inspired nameplate, the P51 is definitely not stuck in the past.

Confederate Motors G2 P51 Combat Fighter

“There are industrial giants in foreign lands claiming more horsepower through a process quite rightly labeled, by one of our rebel anti-heroes, Hunter Thompson, as squeezing goo from a tube,” states the company. “We don’t care about that, because the rebel will always prefer being shot out of a cannon.”

As with all of Confederate Motor’s creations, each Combat Fighter will be uniquely designed for its owner, and a total of 61 examples are planned. 30 will be finished with an anodized black color scheme, while 31 “blonde” versions will wear a raw machined billet exterior. MSRP for the blonde is $113,900, and the black will run $119,500.

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