Good news, baby gangsters: Dartz now makes bulletproof car seats

Dartz Motorz knows how to keep people safe. The brand has birthed countless nigh-invulnerable armored vehicles over the years, including the Black Shark SpyKar, which features a rotating bulletproof grill, a Kevlar-coated titanium body, and an awesome anti-paparazzi shock device.

Now, the automaker has designed a product made exclusively for kids. I’ll let that sink in for a second.

Dubbed l’Enfante Terrible car seats, the manufacturer’s latest iteration adds Kevlar, gold-plated crocodile skin, and gold-stitched carbon fiber to an otherwise humdrum segment, making these opulent creations the first bulletproof car seats on the market. I mean, they have to be, right?

That’s only the beginning of the pint-sized madness though, because the Nappa leather-clad chairs are also connected. That’s right, there’s even an audio input for mobile devices, which is hooked up to integrated speakers on the headrest. The seats boast massagers, ventilation, and electric positioning functions as well, features that would make a Mercedes S-Class blush. So whether your child is a dictator in training or an aspiring gangster, they’ll be riding in style.

We often drain our bank accounts on high-end, top-dollar luxury cars, but the Latvian brand says it’s about time we spend some of that coin on the little ones. And in true Dartz fashion, it makes that statement in a way that only they can.

“Yep, You spend kilo-thousands to buy car, you add tens of thousands to spoil(er) and carbonize this car, but … . You think You bought him two hundred Euro seat and Your “parents debt” is fully paid?” asks the company. “DARTZ don’t see any reason why in €100k+ car have to be less then €0,5k seat.”

Speaking of money, pricing for the seats hasn’t been made public yet. If you’re in the market for gold-plated bulletproof car seats, though, cost is probably the least of your concerns.

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