Dartz, the company that makes superspy-worthy armored cars, now makes car seats

Dartz l'Enfante Terrible

Child car seats, like the minivans they’re usually strapped to, are boring.

Not anymore.

You may remember the Dartz name from the automaker’s Black Shark ‘SpyKar‘, 650-hp off-roader, or perhaps the bulletproof electric roadster called Jo-Mojo.

Now, out of whatever is beyond left field, the Latvian brand is making car seats. Named ‘l’Enfante Terrible’ after the French expression about embarrassing youngsters, the new product line is an ultra high-end option for what the company calls “golden boys and girls.”

“Isn’t it nonsense?” Dartz asks rhetorically. “Yes, it is!”

This isn’t just an off the wall exploit to get people talking though. In Dartz’s own words, if you treat your ride like a member of the family, you should extend that courtesy to your own kids as well. Here’s part of the brand’s statement in all its typo-ridden glory.

“So dear parents,” explains the firm, “You got an uber car and You are happy. Also for sure You added to Your uber car some uber s…tuff and Your car is spoil(er)ed, [boosted] and of course carbonized!”

“Yep, You spend kilo-thousands to buy car, you add tens of thousands to spoil(er) and carbonize this car, but…. You think You bought him two hundred Euro seat and Your “parents debt” is fully paid? DARTZ don’t see any reason why in €100k+ car have to be less then €0,5k seat.”

Like most Dartz products, l’Enfante Terrible is fully customizable. So if Ferrari Red leather by Luxpel isn’t your thing, you can try crocodile, shark, ostrich, or even stingray hide for a different look.

With SpyKars, custom armor programs, and opulent car seats now under its banner, what will the entertaining automaker think of next? We’ll have to wait and see, but we do know one thing: Dartz always brings the crazy.