Done with teasing, Jaguar reveals un-camouflaged F-Pace SUV ahead of Frankfurt

Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace’s debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show is right around the corner, but the carmaker apparently decided to jump the gun and release an image of its first-ever SUV without any camouflage.

The production model remains pretty close to the original C-X17 concept that debuted at Frankfurt back in 2013. It’s already been teased numerous times, including when an F-Pace showed up as a support vehicle at the Tour de France this year. There are plenty of familiar styling cues, such as the head lights, tail lights, and side vents, to tie the F-Pace to other Jaguar models, but they don’t make this crossover seem any less bulky.

Jaguar has said the F-Pace will have the moves of its other models, as well as the styling. It will feature Jaguar’s All-Surface Progress Control low-speed cruise control, and a brake-based torque vectoring feature for its all-wheel drive system borrowed from the F-Type sports car. That’s a pretty good pedigree, and the F-Pace’s aluminum-intensive construction will hopefully keep the crossover light on its feet as well.

The F-Pace name references an old Jaguar ad tagline, “Grace, Pace, and Space.” To take care of the “pace” part, Jaguar is expected to equip the F-Pace with its ubiquitous 3.0-liter supercharged V6, as well as smaller turbocharged four-cylinder engines from the company’s efficiency-focused “Ingenium” line.

Jaguar’s first SUV will likely emphasize sporty on-road handling rather than off-road capability, leaving the muddy stuff to sibling brand Land Rover. It may also not be the last Jaguar SUV. There are already reports of plans for an entire family of Jaguar crossovers, as the carmaker looks to fully exploit this popular and profitable segment.

Of course, that won’t be possible if the F-Pace turns out to not be very good. It debuts in Frankfurt September 15th, and goes on sale in the U.S. this spring.