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Evanta’s retro roadster dubbed the Evanta Barchetta, makes September 12 debut

Well, that was quick.

In July, we reported on the debut of U.K. automaker Ant-Kahn, a coachbuilder that would specialize in custom-built, handcrafted British designs.

A joint project between Evanta Motor Co. Managing Director Ant Anstead and automotive fashion designer Afzal Kahn, Ant-Kahn planned to come out strong with a new, retro-style roadster. Little was known about the droptop at the time, save for the fact it wouldn’t be based on a production vehicle and kind of looked like the Jaguar D-Type.

Evanta Motor Co. has announced that the roadster, called the Evanta Barchetta, will make its debut at the 2014 Goodwood Revival. However, despite previous claims, the Barchetta will not be produced by Ant-Kahn; Evanta will exclusively oversee the project.

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The Evanta Barchetta concept (pictured) was first teased in 2013 at Top Marques Monaco, so what you’ll be seeing at Goodwood is the final, production-ready version of the Barchetta.

Each car built in the 99-unit run will be fitted with a 6.2-liter, 450-horsepower V8, connected to the wheels via either an automatic or manual gearbox. This is great news, because a classically minded speedster like this simply wouldn’t fit with flappy-paddles on the steering wheel.

Two body choices are available for the Evanta: a Kevlar-bodied, $202,000 version and an aluminum variant that costs around $267,000. Both cars are held together by a tubular chassis and will be offered in left and right-hand drive.

Evanta has also teased a new model, a grand tourer concept, which is set for a March 2015 reveal at the Geneva Motor Show.

The 2014 Goodwood Revival kicks off on September 12th.

(Barchetta concept photos via World Car Fans)

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