Ever wanted to drive a real-life Mario Kart? Well now you can (that is, if you’re child-size)

ever wanted drive real life mario kart well now can youre child size ride on

Anyone who owned a Nintendo 64 can tell you that if they had three wishes from a genie, the first would be to own a real-life Nintendo Mario Kart.

Without you ever needing to find a lucky monkey paw, Jakks Pacific has answered this wish by producing a battery-powered, child-size Mario Kart in conjunction with Nintendo.

Although the ride on doesn’t allow you star quality powers, nor the ability to shoot empty Koopa shells at rivals, the kart is powered by a six-volt battery and comes with all of the sounds included on the Mario Kart 7 video game kart.

Jakks Pacific Mario Kart

The kart offers the ability to switch between on- and off-road tires. Regrettably, the kart is not a toy for adults. I’m sure, however, some parents will try to take it for a spin – I know I would, if I could get my hands on one.

The bad news doesn’t end there, I am afraid. The Jakks Pacific Mario Kart is only going to be available in the United Kingdom, with the official release in June.

It looks like this summer I may have to take a trip for some afternoon tea and a couple laps around the track in this awesome electric runabout. The Brits seem to have all of the fun with their little tikes’ cruisers, with this kart being a wise addition to any garage already housing a mini DB-5.