Koenigsegg walks us through the inner workings of its lightweight transmission

Koenigsegg Agera R

Drive has brought us several inside looks at the Koenigsegg design facility. Hosted by Christian Von Koenigsegg himself, the videos have detailed various engineering leaps the company has made along the road toward building the lightweight hypercar, the Agera R.

In this the most recent and last episode of Inside Koenigsegg, Christian Von Koenigsegg details the brand’s lightweight transmission, which he claims is the lightest hypercar transmission his company has ever heard of, weighing in at measly 178 pounds.

While other hyper and supercar automakers have utilized bulky and heavy dual-clutch transmissions, Koenigsegg has designed around the problem of shift delay with an ingenious wet clutch pack that synchronizes shifts at the speed of the main clutch itself.

The intricate gearbox also allows the mid-engine, rear-wheel drive hypercar to get power to the road more efficiently with a differential locking device specially designed in-house at Koenigsegg.

We have loved Koenigsegg since we first learned of the brand some 10 years ago. Giving this sort of candid look inside the walls at Koenigsegg’s design facility has not only enlightened us to the engineering brilliance of the brand, it’s also put a human face on the shout-y Swedish hypercars.

If you’d like to look back at the entire Inside Koenigsegg Drive series, check out the Drive YouTube channel.