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Ford GT sold out for two years in just 30 days

ford gt sold out
If you’re on the fence about applying for one of the limited production, 2017 Ford GT supercars, this isn’t great news for you. The list is now closed, according to a report in Autocar.

Ford announced it has 6,506 applications for the 500 units it will produce in the first production run, which will last for two years as the company will only build 250 cars a year.

You’ll notice the people on the list didn’t “order” cars, they only “applied.” The application process required filling out a questionnaire that asked about how they were going to use the car. Ford wants people who buy the GT to actually drive it, not resell for a quick profit. They also don’t want investors to just stash them away looking for huge gains years down the road.

The next step for the fast-acting 6,506 applicants is a further screening process based on how people answered the questionnaire. Ford has said they will let everyone on the list know within 90 days whether they made the cut.

For those lucky 500 who get confirmed orders, the first deliveries will be later this year. Firm prices haven’t been announced, but you can expect them to be north of $400,000. For that hefty pile of cash the teardrop-shaped, carbon-fiber-bodied supercar will make 600-plus horsepower with its 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. The only transmission is a 7-speed dual clutch automatic.

While you’re thinking about how to cope with not getting an application in on time, you can follow the GT’s performance on the U.S. and international race circuit. You can also go to the Ford GT configurator to choose among the few available options (exterior and interior colors and wheels) to see which combination you’d like the next time the chance to order opens. The good news is that Ford has said they may re-open orders in 12 months for the next production run. So get ready.

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