If you can’t taste the rainbow, try buying a wide-body Forgiato C7 Corvette instead

Forgiato has taken America’s most iconic muscle car and turned it into a brilliantly bright, wide-bodied beast.

The multicolored trio of Corvettes look absolutely stunning with widened wheel arches, a carbon fiber front splitter, spoiler, and a paint job reminiscent of the primary color palette on high octane contrast.

Contrary to how Italian the company name sounds, Forgiato is actually an American company based in Sun Valley, California. “Forgiato Forged Wheels” are its forte, and it sure has a bit of Italiano flair exuding from its design department.

If the C7 isn’t outlandish enough, the bespoke Forgiato wheels turn the ‘Vette into a vehicle you just can’t look away from. The widened rear haunches and matching rims are just so “tastefully” put together.  

Recently, a few friends of mine were asking which car I would buy for under $60k. I happily informed them that a C7 would be my first choice. Now I’ve changed my mind; I want a Forgiato C7 Corvette.