Frankfurt 2013: Sleek Opel Monza Concept pushes in-car connectivity one step further

frankfurt 2013sleek opel monza concept pushes in car connectivity one step further

Seeking to establish a new benchmark for in-car technology, Opel unveiled its Monza Concept to help kick off the 65th Frankfurt International Motor Show − and it looks like the German automaker might be on to something pretty big.

Key exterior styling elements include the car’s long sleek body design and wide winged doors that, despite being very appealing as a concept, seem quite doable as a hot production car if Opel were to consider building it as a production vehicle.

A bit too futuristic? Maybe, but then again maybe not considering that car designs that were once thought a bit too far out have become part of the norm for those who crave a little more edge.

Inspired by the physique of a greyhound dog (seems a bit odd huh?), the Monza is the evolution of what Opel describes as, “sculptural artistry meets German precision” design philosophy, according to Opel’s official press release.

Still, it’s the scope of the Monza’s high-tech features is where the car shines − from its state-of-the art LED projection system to an alternative powertrain that features an electric motor and a Compressed Natural Gas powered engine.

The car’s interior display features a total of 18 LED projectors with 3D graphics for optimal driver information and communication.  The Monza is also equipped with three distinctive driver connectivity features including ME, US and ALL.

Opel Monza Concept front three quarterME completely dis-enables the driver’s smartphone so they can focus completely on the driving experience while US allows the driver to share information like music and images with a select group of friends or family members, chat or make appointments.

ALL opens the driver up to a wide range of connectivity features over the web to share things like a planned drive route over a tablet or smartphone for what the automaker describes as “instant car-sharing.” 

The Monza concept, which was spotlighted at a summit centered on the future of mobility at the Frankfurt show,  is powered by an electric drive motor and a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) new-generation three-cylinder 1.0 SIDI turbo engine that provides for extended range and lower emissions than gasoline.

The Monza also showcases future technology features such as Opel’s “Car-to-Car” and “Car-to-X” systems, key elements for autonomous vehicles and automated vehicle-to-vehicle communication, which Opel is aggressively working to develop as part of its focus on future safety features.  

Futuristic or not, this is one concept that’s worth a lot more exploration as a potential production model if just for the high-tech features alone.